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Personti, who has her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, went back to school for an MBA, but before she graduated she was offered a job designing and implementing a community-based recovery program in Wilmington. After many years working in the field, including consulting with providers across the country on Medication-Assisted Treatment, Gender Issues, and Trauma, as well as obtaining experience in numerous modalities of mental health and addiction treatment, Domenica joined the team at Recovery Centers of America in February 2017 as Corporate Director of Outpatient Services. Personti was promoted and took over as CEO of Bracebridge Hall in May 2017. The elegant center, where the sprawling grounds include a 40,000-square-foot mansion, was most certainly a change from the facilities Personti was used to operating. “I went from managing community-based outpatient programs in Delaware with an underserved, uninsured population, to a commercial population at this huge estate,” she says. But despite the grand accommodations, the foundation and seriousness of the work remains the same. RCA’s community-oriented model of treatment and recovery appealed to Personti from the start. She calls herself a “huge believer in the continuum of care,” emphasizing that quitting drug or alcohol use is just one step in a multi-part process. “We’re building the foundation, setting up the base for lifelong success in recovery,” she says. At Bracebridge, Personti oversees a program that sets patients up for success after they leave. In addition to counseling and therapy, there are wellness programs and training for basic life skills, like how to balance a checkbook, communicate successfully, and have fun while staying sober. “We focus heavily on recovery from addiction, but it’s really about overall wellness,” Personti says. “Our investment is in looking at the whole picture: if we don’t treat trauma, childhood or relationship issues, mental health, and simple things like knowing how to communicate effectively, recovery often collapses.” The program Personti oversees — and the life she’s led — are supported by the two mantras she always repeats. The first is: You can’t give up before the miracle happens. “I’ve seen a lot of success stories over the years, and those successes keep me positive,” she says. “If I can do it, anybody can do it.” And the second?

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